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Welcome to PMIV wedding and event video information page. Here you'll find excellent information about choosing the right video company for your event and what we can offer. This is a section that covers Frequently Asked Questions for couples getting married. Wedding video and social Special-Event video's are very much the same. If you are looking for a videographer for your schools play or an anniversary party, this same information will apply. You know the importance of quality video or you wouldn't be reading this right now. We deliver your memories with the latest technology and the finest equipment. We bring experience, style and care when creating images that you'll love forever.

It's your day! Your expectations and desires are what's most important. We want to know what's important to you. Once we understand what you want to see we can let you know exactly what video can do for you.

Video is an emotional medium. It's more than the sights and the sounds. It's the smiles, the tears of joy, the warmth of a hug and all the laughter captured on tape that is the value in our services. Choose your videographer with at least the same care that you use in choosing your photographer. Make sure they are experienced, and that they have quality cameras to do the job with. By all means go see their work! Like certain photographers you may want to compare their finished project style. With all things being equal choose the style that suits you. There will be many things outside your control on your wedding day.

One of the few things you CAN control is your choice of video companies. You may not be able to stop the rain, but you can control how the day will be recorded for future generations. Enjoy your day and your memories!

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Wedding videos most commonly asked questions :

How much does it cost?
Like your gown, the caterer, the photographer and your rings, there is a wide range of pricing for wedding video. The adage is very true, "you get what you pay for".Professional video production can range from $300 to $3000 depending on the service you want. Within that range lies a wide variety of options available to the bride and groom.To determine a starting budget for video services use the following rule of thumb: weigh the importance of your memories as they are recorded through video versus photography. For example if the video is half the importance of your photography, the factor is 1/2 -- orif the video is twice the importance then the factor is 2. Take your total photo budget and multiply by the factor. For example; if your photos budget is $1000 and your video ishalf as important then budget for $500. If the video is twice as important to you as the pictures, then budget for $2000. If they are equally important to you, then $1000 is the right amount for the videographer.

What's the big deal? Is video really that important?
With most couples the over-riding theme of their wedding is proper budgeting. Most people will forget a poor meal, a boring DJ or slightly faded flowers. In a few weeks those problems would fade away. But in the case of your photography and video, you are buying memories for the record. In ten years how would you like to put in a tape and be reminded that what you bought wasn't what you got? Instantly what could have been a precious memory and a family history is tarnished. Wouldn't you rather get what you want right the first time? Wouldn't a few minutes of planning be worth it?

How do I pick the right video company for me?
There's a simple procedure. Do what you've been doing for every other item for your wedding. Plan on going to see a video companies work first hand. They should be able to supply you with a recent demo and references.

What do I look for in a video company?
When you are at their office, ask to see their most recent wedding. At least ask to see an entire wedding and reception from the same couple. That way you'll get an accurate measure of the ENTIRE job they can do for you.

What makes companies different?
The three areas that make video companies different is: equipment, experience and style. What would look better, a professional broadcast quality 3-chip, low light $8,000 camera,or a home camcorder? By how much would it look better? Who is going to shoot a betterwedding, a guy who's going to his 300th wedding, or a guy on his 3rd? What would look better for your tape, a video with warm close-ups, or a lock down from the back of the church? Between the three, equipment, experience and style, the first two must meet a certain minimum requirement before you start looking at style. Someone may have great equipment, but not know how to use it. Or, you could have Steven Spielberg taping with Aunt Matilda's camcorder. In either case, you may not get what you want.

What should I ask?
Here are some good questions ask at your meeting :

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What does PMIV have to offer?

Ceremony and Reception coverage :
This is the basis of the entire project. It's why you have your day recorded. The following elements make this up: Exterior of Church, pre-ceremony, family and bridal party entrances, church music, readings, homlily, vows, presentation of rings, communion, presentation of couple, exit, receiving line, license signing, photos, and drive off. Exterior of the hall, gift table, opening prayer, toasts, kisses, speeches, dances, cake cutting, grand march, bouquet and garter toss, interviews, gags, closing shots.

Interviews :(Optional)
They're much more popular than in the past, and can have unexpected results. Tell us how you want us to interviews and we'll make it happen. There is however a fine line between asking and pressuring for an interview. The best way to get interviews is for you to pick the guests you want! Make a small invitation with room for notes and hand them to your bridal party and guests telling them they must go to the video crew after dinner for comments. This does three great things: 1) You get exactly the guests you want--and avoid the ones you may not! 2) No one is solicited by what they perceive to be a stranger asking them to talk on camera. 3) Your guests have time to make notes and plan what they want to say. The result is you get better comments.

Photo highlights :
Can be anything from growing up pictures to wedding, reception or honeymoon pictures. Orhave a family history! Photos properly timed with the right music can be an excellent keepsake.

Video highlights :
Condensed versions and combinations of the previous three.

Special Effects :
Here we offer a wide variety of items to enhance and delight you and your viewing audience.

Packaging :
Each of our videos are encased in a white full sleeve case with a full color custom print using your submitted pictures and text. Your cover will look exactly as you specify. We can help you come up with ideas as you undoubtably have enough on your mind. We also offer high quality copies for parents, grandparents and your many special others. See "Copies and Duplication".

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