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Business Promotion Video

One sure way to get your product or service noticed is through the medium ofvideo. The VCR has become virtually as common as the refrigerator in the average Americanhome. This means that you no longer have to rely on your static brochure for marketing andsales exposure. A well put together video is infinitely more effective than acorresponding paper mailing.

A cost comparison would go something like this:

Four Color Printed Brochure

Statistical effectiveness break down assumes single unit product sells for $100

Effectiveness 2% with net gain of $655.

PRECIOUS MOMENTS In Video's  Video Promotional Sales Video

Statistical effectiveness break down assumes single unit product sells for $100

Effectiveness 20% with net gain of $10,840.

These are all theoretical numbers used to illustrate the power of video as apersuasion tool. Your actual costs will be quoted based on your needs and /orrequirements. Your results will vary depending on the quality of your mailing list andother factors.


Promotion and Training

What could be a better use for video than internal training and motivationalpurposes? Cost comparison to virtually any other methods out there quickly prove the valueof a well designed video. Just think back to the last time you brought in a trainer orpaid the local college to send your employees to class. Did you get what you paid for? Didthe trainer or instructor understand your business? Did you receive follow up material orongoing support?

PMIV video can answer all of these questions because you determine the contentand it can be continually replayed. Purchasing a video on how to us Excel does not tellyou how to apply it to your particular use for the application. Train your people the wayyou want them to perform, continually and consistently!


Some Areas Where Fund Raising , Special Event and Promotional VideoReally Shines


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