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Welcome to our photos and slides to video service page. Here we will explain some of the details of how we create magic using the photographic records ofyour life and those around you.

About Photo Transfers:             

Photos on video are a convenient way to share your memories with many people who other wise may never have the opportunity to sit down with you and share these visual treasures. When used as an introduction to a wedding video, anniversary, or a birthday video, transfers add dimension and historical impact that straight video simply does not contain. Photos transferred to video make an excellent personalized gift for mothers or fathers day, valentines day, graduation day and for the events listed previously. Picture seeing your history in stills played on television with appropriate mood music playing in the background. The result is a powerful, emotion packed piece that's sure to make you smile, laugh out loud or cry.

We offer three basic types of photo/slide transfers and two types of recording mediums :

Cuts only :
Here your photos instantly change on screen (a cut). There are no transitions (dissolves,wipes, etc...) to add a professional look to the project. This is our lowest priced type photos video. Music and titles are available as well as some special effects.

Dissolves and wipes :
The next level softens the transitions between pictures with a slow fade from one picture to another (dissolve) or a wipe transition similar to those seen in older romance typemovies. This style of video has much more emotional impact than cuts only. Music and titles are available as well as most special effects.

Digital Video Effects :
Our highest level of production, DVE (Digital Video Effects) goes beyond the simple dissolve to seeing your pictures flying off the screen in several different directions, flash transitions, sphere, block or any number of sophisticated digital wipes. Photos donein DVE take a quantum leap in quality and style that shows each time you play it for your family or friends. The value that is experienced each time you watch this production will more than justify the additional cost time and time again. Music and titles are available as well as virtually any special effect you can envision.

Some opportunities for you to make a memory for others with your special gift or addition to your video. :

How many pictures would I need?
That's determined by the length of your music. The formula is approximately 10-12 pictures per minute. Any fewer and the pictures linger on the screen too long, any more and they change too rapidly to grasp what you are seeing. If you are looking for cuts only the number is closer to 15 pictures per minute.

What does it cost?
On average, quality photo transfers for use as an introduction to a video range in length from 3 minutes to 9 minutes. Used in this capacity, more is NOT better! A common mistake many people make is they assume the introduction needs to be 15 minutes long. For our intro's we recommend keeping them appropriately short.

As a stand alone production, we've had great success with videos that run 40 minutes to an hour even longer. These videos are not your cuts only variety of photo transfers. These videos literally come alive with infants changing into grandpa and many other assorted enhancements using our talents as digital artist.

Our intent isn't just to slap a bunch of pictures on video, but to organize them in a way that tells a story and creates emotional impact. That's the job of your video professional. Straight cuts with basic titles and music will run about $45 perfinished minute. To produce a video album with real impact runs about $55 per finished minute. Fully enhanced video will run slightly higher depending on your requests.


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