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Relive those old home memories of the Beach, Birthdays, Christmas, Niagara Falls, and Disney World vacations. A Video/VCD/DVD Transfer from 8mm & 16mm movies, photographs of Mom, Dad, and the Kids is the Perfect Gift idea.

NOTE: Example films in the left box are not to scale.

Before videotape became the new standard of home movie-making, film was used. There were two sizes of home movie film: 8mm and 16 millimeters.

In the late 1960's, a new variation of 8mm film was introduced: Super 8mm. Super 8mm was the same size as regular 8mm film, but it could not be used in traditional 8mm cameras and projectors because of the size of the sprocket hole. Super 8mm film produced a larger picture, and also offered the opportunity for sound. 

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What  better way to relive family memories better than old home movies. Video tape is the most creative and easiest way to show home movies on your VCR and TV, eliminating the need for bothersome old projectors, screens and burned out projection bulbs.  All lab work is processed at our office within five working days or sooner.


Film Transfers are the best way to preserve those Memories of Holidays Past from dust, fading, mildew and handling.
Flicker Free - All films are transferred electronically. We use commerical projectors and video cameras, only the latest in Video Transfer Technology.


Film Corrections - Dark areas can be made brighter in most cases, color correction, cleaning and repairs are available.


Honest Service -- We charge you by the actual footage length or reel size. What ever is the best price for you. We're honest and competitively priced with unmatched quality. 

Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Thursday 11:00am - 4:00pm  <> Monday - SAturday 8:00am - 6:00pm - Call For Appointment

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